January 30, 2012

Supplements or veggies.. what's better?

As each day passes (and each time I do my grocery shopping) there seems to be more and more supplements available for people to purchase.

Now, before I get on my soapbox, I should say that some vitamin and mineral supplements may be very beneficial for some people.

But it's when I see ads such as this one, that I think we as a society are sending out the wrong message. In this ad, a young girl named Belinda, 8 years of age, states that sometimes she doesn't eat all of her vegetables, so her mum chooses Swisse Ultivite to help keep her healthy. She then goes on to say that it also helps her to do these things (insinuating that the supplement helps her to be active).

My key message is this: A supplement may be useful for some people, but it should never be used as an insurance policy (aka, supplements are never a replacement for a balanced diet).

So mums out there, don't give up on trying kids with veggies. Studies show that some foods may need to be offered 10 times before they are accepted by children. Be creative and try different ways of cooking and serving vegetables. It could be just the way you present the food on the plate, or by adding a smily face with a little squirt of tomato sauce that will make all the difference.

Here's my video

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  1. Hey amazing video, i like it and it is true that supplements are not proper alternative for veggie.
    natural proteins and minerals are always good.